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Organic Wines

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Organic Wine Recommendations are listed by score from high to low. A wine glass next to a wine indicates a KWG (Ken's Wine Guide) review. The number of reviews listed next to the score indicates how many scores went into the weighted average score.

Price Score
1. Ch√Ęteau Lafite Rothschild 2006 French - Bordeaux$65097 (3 reviews)
2. Morgan Wright 2009 "Napa Valley - Oak Knoll" Cabernet Sauvignon$4594 (1 review)
3. Domaine Zind Humbrecht 2006 "Brand Vendange Tardive" Dessert & Ice Wine$11093.5 (2 reviews)
4. Rocca Family Vineyards 2009 "Grigsby Vineyard" Syrah & Shiraz (Other than French)$5092.7 (4 reviews)
5. Altamura Winery 2008 "Napa" Cabernet Sauvignon$8592.5 (2 reviews)
6. Dr H Thanisch 2011 "Berncasteler Doctor Kabinett" Riesling$4492 (4 reviews)
7. Matetic 2012 "EQ Coastal" Sauvignon Blanc$2091 (3 reviews)
8. Emiliana 2009 "Coyam" Argentina & Chile (Red Blends)$3591 (4 reviews)
9. Matetic 2009 "EQ" Pinot Noir$4091 (4 reviews)
10. Tres Sabores 2007 "Perspective" Cabernet Sauvignon$8091 (2 reviews)
11. Emiliana 2009 "Ge" Argentina & Chile (Red Blends)$9291 (1 review)
12. Volker Eisele 2008 "Estate" Cabernet Sauvignon$4890.6 (3 reviews)
13. Cono Sur 2011 "Organic" Sauvignon Blanc$1390.2 (5 reviews)
14. Domaine Lafond 2012 "Lirac Roc Epine Blanc" White Blends or Varietals$1690 (1 review)
15. Fitz Ritter 2012 "Herrenberg Spatlese" Riesling$2690 (1 review)
16. Dr Konstantin Frank 2012 "Dry" Riesling$1589.7 (4 reviews)
17. Carchelo 2008 "Altico A" Spanish Red$2089.6 (3 reviews)
18. Miro 2010 "Old Vines Grist Vineyard" Zinfandel$2889.6 (3 reviews)
19. Matetic 2009 "Corralillo" Pinot Noir$2989.6 (3 reviews)
20. Can Feixes 2012 "Blanc Seleccio" Spanish White$1789 (2 reviews)
21. Mionetto NV "Prosecco Organic" (10/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1488 (1 review)
22. Pratsch 2010 Gruner Veltliner$1488 (1 review)
23. Yorkville Cellars 2009 "Rennie Vineyard" Malbec$2887 (2 reviews)
24. Girasole 2010 "Mendocino" Chardonnay$1386.3 (3 reviews)
25. Snoqualmie 2010 "Naked" Cabernet Sauvignon$1386 (1 review)
26. Yorkville Cellars 2009 "Hi Rollr Red" US Red Blend$1586 (2 reviews)

When you pair wines with foods, it is always the sauce (bearnaise), not the subject (steak), that should be matched.

Source: What Do You Know About Wine Calendar - Richard Nidel

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