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Connoisseurs Corner with Jordan Rich

Recently, Ken was a guest with WBZ radio host Jordan Rich on his Connoisseurs Corner segment. Ken and Jordan discussed the many topics over 10 radio spots just in time for summer. Some of those topics included Good Value Wines for This Summer, Dry Rose Winners - Part 1 & 2, Try Something New – A Couple of Whites, Try Something New – A Couple of Reds – Part 1 & 2, It's Barbecue Season – Perfect Wine For Grilled Foods, Sauvignon Blanc Winners, Fathers Day Wines and Pinot Noir Winners.

10 spots for the 2019 summer season.

Good Value Wines for This Summer

Dry Rose Winners - Part 1

Dry Rose Winners - Part 2

Try Something New – A Couple of Whites

Try Something New – A couple of Reds – Part 1

Try Something New – A couple of Reds – Part 2

It's Barbecue Season – Here are wines that will be perfect with grilled foods

Sauvignon Blanc Winners

Fathers Day Wines

Pinot Noir Winners

10 spots over the 2018 holiday season with Jordan.

Holiday Value White Wines

Holiday Dinner Wines

Holiday Wine Gifts Ideas

Holiday Gift Wines

Sparkling Wine and Champagne Winners

Warm Wines for Cold Winter Nights

Winning Merlots

Two Celebration Wines - Sparkling & Dessert

Try Something New – A White and a Red

2015 Vintage Mid-Range Bordeaux Winners

A few spots from my May session with Jordan.

Rose Wines - Part 1

Rose Wines - Part 2

Sauvignon Blanc Winners

Pinot Noir Winners Winners

Try Something New - Two Whites

Try Something New - Two Reds

Two Value Wines - A White and A Red

10 spots over the 2017 holiday season with Jordan.

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Two Great Value White Wines For Your Holiday Parties

Three Columbia Crest Very Good Value Priced Reds

Cabernet Sauvignon Winners

Sparkling Wine And Champagne Winners

Two Celebration Wines

Collectible Gift Wines >$75

Holiday Wine Gifts - Wine Cloth, Wine Away & Corkscrew

Holiday Wine Gifts – Recommended Wine Books

Try Something New – A White And A Red

This Fall's 10 spots with Jordan.

Dr. Loosen 92 Point Riesling

Dr. Pauly Bergweiler 92 Point Riesling

Dry Riesling Winners

This Summer's Chardonnay Winners

This Summer's Merlot Winners

Try Something New This Fall

Two Value White Wines

Pinot Is Hard To Grow - Talley Pinot

Cakebread Pinot Noir

Celebration Wines

Below are several spots that Ken and Jordan previously recorded.

Dry Rose is still very popular

Why Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect summertime wine

Red blends are a hot trend

Zinfandel is a terrific summer barbecue wine

Try something new this summer: White Wines

Try something new this summer: Red Wines

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Good Value Wine Recommendations

More Good Value Wine Recommendations

Wine Gifts Ideas

High End Red Wine Recommendations

Sparkling Wine Recommendations

More Sparkling Wine Recommendations

Try Something New In 2016

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