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Submitting Wines For Review

KensWineGuide.com offers two types of wine reviews. You may enter your wine for either type of format.

You may enter a wine in an upcoming KensWineGuide.com Blind Wine Tasting Panel Evaluation

  1. Wines judged to be "Very Good" or better get reviews posted on KensWineGuide.com
  2. What is required?
January ’23 - Syrah/Shiraz
February ’23 - Zinfandel
March ’23 - Dry Rose & Petite Sirah & Malbec
April ’23 - Pinot Noir
May ’23 - Sauvignon Blanc
June ’23 - Chardonnay
July ’23 - Riesling & Dessert
August ’23 - Merlot
September ’23 - Cabernet Sauvignon
October ’23 - Champagne & Sparkling Wine
November ’23 - Misc Wh: Gew, Vio, Ch Bl, & PG
November ’23 - High End/Collectibles over $50
December ’23 - Misc. Reds

Submit a wine for Ken to review for KensWineGuide.com
  1. Wine is "not" tasted blind.
  2. Wine is tasted and reviewed over 2-3 days.
  3. Only recommended wines ("Very Good" or better) get reviews posted on KensWineGuide.com.
  4. What is required?

If you are interested in submitting a wine to be reviewed by Ken or the Blind Wine Tasting Panel, please send Ken an e-mail at Ken@KensWineGuide.com to make arrangements.

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