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Enrico Serafino

Web site: https://www.enricoserafino.it/en/

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Current Wines

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Historical Wines

PriceKWG Score
1. Enrico Serafino 2015 "Serralunga Barolo" Italian (Piedmont) Red$8892.2 (4 reviews)
2. Enrico Serafino 2016 "Oudeis Brut" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2892 (3 reviews)
3. Enrico Serafino 2017 "Picotener" Italian (Piedmont) Red$2591.5 (1 review)
4. Enrico Serafino 2018 "Picotener" Italian (Piedmont) Red$2590.5 (2 reviews)
5. Enrico Serafino 2015 "Monclivio Barolo" Italian (Piedmont) Red$4690.2 (4 reviews)
6. Enrico Serafino 2019 "Grifo del Quartaro - Gavi" Italian White$1790 (1 review)
7. Enrico Serafino 2018 "Grifo del Quartaro - Gavi" Italy (Other Regional Reds)$1789.3 (3 reviews)
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