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Pinot Blanc Guide

[PEE-noh BLAHN (BLAHNGK)] Pinot Blanc grapes produce dry white wines that are often compared to Chardonnay. Although not considered to age as well as Chardonnay, better Pinot Blancs that are aged for a few years take on delicious honey overtones.

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PriceKWG Score
1. Chalone Vineyard 2013 "Heritage Vines"$2892 (1 review)wine glass
2. Trimbach 2017 $2091.7 (4 reviews)wine glass
3. Winderlea 2016 Meredith Mitchell Vineyard"$3091.5 (2 reviews)wine glass
4. Dutton Goldfield 2018 "Shop Block"$3091.3 (3 reviews)wine glass
5. Winderlea 2018 "Meredith Mitchell Vineyard"$3591 (1 review)wine glass
6. Elk Cove Vineyards 2016 "Estate"$1990.5 (4 reviews)wine glass
7. Bernard Massard 2016 "Grand Premier Cru"$1790 (1 review)wine glass
8. Ponzi 2016 "Willamette Valley"$2289.6 (3 reviews)wine glass
9. Left Coast Cellars 2015 "Left Bank"$2089.5 (2 reviews)wine glass
10. Four Graces 2016 "Willamette Valley"$2089.3 (3 reviews)wine glass
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