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Chardonnay Guide

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1. Hamilton Russell 2012 "Hemel en Aarde" Chardonnay$3394.4 (5 reviews)
2. Shafer Vineyards 2010 "Red Shoulder Ranch" Chardonnay$4894.2 (5 reviews)
3. Evening Land 2011 "Seven Springs Vineyard" Chardonnay$4093.7 (4 reviews)
4. Stonestreet 2011 "Broken Road" Chardonnay$4093.7 (4 reviews)
5. Fess Parker Winery 2012 "Ashley's" Chardonnay$3693.6 (5 reviews)
6. Giant Steps 2010 "Sexton Vineyard" Chardonnay$3592.8 (5 reviews)
7. Alysian 2010 "Westside Farms Clone 4" Chardonnay$4092.6 (3 reviews)
8. Kendall Jackson 2012 "Camelot Highlands" Chardonnay$3592.5 (2 reviews)
9. Paul Hobbs Winery 2012 "Russian River Valley" Chardonnay$4792.4 (5 reviews)
10. Navarro Vineyards 2010 "Premier Reserve" Chardonnay$2592 (1 review)
11. Etude 2010 "Estate Grown" Chardonnay$3292 (3 reviews)
12. Pine Ridge 2012 "Dijon Clone" Chardonnay$3492 (1 review)
13. MacRostie Winery 2009 "Wildcat Mountain" Chardonnay$3591.6 (3 reviews)
14. J Vineyards 2010 "Barrel 16" Chardonnay$4891.6 (3 reviews)
15. Bartinney 2012 "Stellenbosch" Chardonnay$2591.5 (2 reviews)
16. Dutton Goldfield 2011 "Dutton Ranch" Chardonnay$3591.2 (4 reviews)
17. Plantagenet 2010 "Mount Barker" Chardonnay$2191 (5 reviews)
18. Chateau St Jean 2010 "Robert Young Vineyard" Chardonnay$2591 (2 reviews)
19. La Crema 2012 "Russian River Valley" Chardonnay$3091 (5 reviews)
20. Rombauer 2012 "Carneros" Chardonnay$3491 (2 reviews)
21. Fogdog 2011 "Sonoma Coast" Chardonnay$3591 (1 review)
22. Merryvale 2012 "Carneros" Chardonnay$3591 (1 review)
23. Ramey 2011 "Russian River Valley" Chardonnay$4091 (4 reviews)
24. Sebastiani 2011 "Patrick's Vineyard" Chardonnay$4091 (1 review)
25. Donelan 2010 "Nancie" Chardonnay$4591 (4 reviews)
26. Hunnicutt 2012 "Napa Valley" Chardonnay$4591 (2 reviews)
27. Dutton Goldfield 2012 "Walker Hill Vineyard" Chardonnay$5091 (3 reviews)
28. La Crema 2012 "Los Carneros" Chardonnay$3090.7 (4 reviews)
29. Leeuwin Estate 2010 "Prelude Vineyards" Chardonnay$3690.7 (4 reviews)
30. J Vineyards 2010 "Jewell Ranch Vineyard" Chardonnay$4590.7 (4 reviews)
31. Sonoma Loeb 2011 "Envoy" Chardonnay$4090.6 (3 reviews)
32. J Vineyards 2010 "Strata" Chardonnay$4590.6 (3 reviews)
33. Frank Family 2011 "Napa Valley" Chardonnay$3590.5 (4 reviews)
34. Ferrari Carano 2012 "Dominique" Chardonnay$3890.5 (2 reviews)
35. Matanzas Creek 2012 "Sonoma County" Chardonnay$3090.3 (3 reviews)
36. Patz & Hall Winery 2010 "Dutton Ranch" Chardonnay$4290.3 (3 reviews)
37. Chamisal 2012 "Stainless Unoaked" Chardonnay$1390.2 (4 reviews)
38. Concha y Toro 2010 "Marques de Casa Concha" Chardonnay$1890.2 (4 reviews)
39. William Hill 2012 "Napa Valley" Chardonnay$2590.2 (4 reviews)
40. Migration 2010 "Russian River Valley" Chardonnay$3090.2 (4 reviews)
41. Pfendler 2011 "Sonoma Coast" Chardonnay$3890.2 (5 reviews)
42. Grgich Hills 2011 "Napa Valley" Chardonnay$4290.2 (5 reviews)
43. Vincent Girardin 2010 "Cuvee St. Vincent" Chardonnay$1790 (1 review)
44. Duckhorn Vineyards 2012 "Decoy" Chardonnay$1990 (1 review)
45. Joseph Carr 2010 "Sonoma Coast" Chardonnay$2090 (1 review)
46. Merriam Vineyards 2010 "Simoneau Ranch" Chardonnay$2590 (1 review)
47. Byron 2011 "Santa Maria Valley" Chardonnay$2790 (1 review)
48. Laetitia Winery 2012 "Reserve du Domaine" Chardonnay$3090 (2 reviews)
49. The Calling 2010 "Dutton Ranch" Chardonnay$3090 (1 review)
50. Red Mare 2011 "Dutton Ranch" Chardonnay$4090 (1 review)
51. Kendall Jackson 2011 "Grand Reserve" Chardonnay$2589.7 (4 reviews)
52. Ferrari Carano 2010 "Tre Terre" Chardonnay$3289.7 (4 reviews)
53. Louis Michel 2011 "Chablis Premier Cru Montmain" Chardonnay$3489.7 (4 reviews)
54. Stemmler 2011 "Estate Grown" Chardonnay$2489.6 (3 reviews)
55. Freemark Abbey 2011 "Napa Valley" Chardonnay$3089.6 (3 reviews)
56. Beringer Vineyards 2011 "Napa Valley" Chardonnay$1689.5 (4 reviews)
57. Gundlach Bundschu 2010 "Estate Vineyard" Chardonnay$2789.5 (2 reviews)
58. D'Arenberg 2010 "The Lucky Lizard" Chardonnay$3589.5 (4 reviews)
59. Castello di Amorosa 2011 "Reserve - Bien Nacido Vineyard" Chardonnay$3889.5 (2 reviews)
60. Glenelly 2012 "Unwooded The Glass Collection" Chardonnay$2089.3 (3 reviews)
61. Chehalem 2011 "Ian's Reserve" Chardonnay$4089.3 (3 reviews)
62. Chehalem 2011 "Inox" Chardonnay$1989.2 (4 reviews)
63. Jeff Gordon 2012 "Carneros" Chardonnay$4289.2 (4 reviews)
64. Joseph Carr 2011 "Josh" Chardonnay$1589 (1 review)
65. Kendall Jackson 2011 "Avant" Chardonnay$1589 (1 review)
66. Ad Lib 2011 "Treehugger No Oak" Chardonnay$1689 (1 review)
67. Carmel Road 2010 "Certified Sustainable" Chardonnay$1889 (3 reviews)
68. Charles Krug 2010 "Carneros" Chardonnay$2089 (1 review)
69. Milbrandt Vineyards 2011 "Evergreen Vineyard" Chardonnay$2089 (1 review)
70. Robert Mondavi 2011 "Napa Valley" Chardonnay$2089 (3 reviews)
71. Adelsheim Vineyard 2010 "Willamette Valley" Chardonnay$2289 (2 reviews)
72. Ferrari Carano 2011 "Sonoma County" Chardonnay$2389 (1 review)
73. Georges Duboeuf 2011 "Domaine Beranger Pouilly Fuisse" Chardonnay$2489 (1 review)
74. Left Coast Cellars 2011 "Truffle Hill" Chardonnay$2489 (1 review)
75. Stags Leap Winery 2011 "Napa Valley" Chardonnay$2889 (3 reviews)
76. Cakebread Cellars 2012 "Napa Valley" Chardonnay$3689 (2 reviews)
77. Darioush 2011 "Signature" Chardonnay$4389 (3 reviews)
78. Hope Estate 2011 "Mountain Wash" Chardonnay$1588.6 (3 reviews)
79. Kendall Jackson 2012 "Vintner's Reserve" Chardonnay$1688.6 (3 reviews)
80. Kendall Jackson 2012 "Grand Reserve" Chardonnay$2288.6 (3 reviews)
81. V Sattui 2010 "Los Carneros" Chardonnay$3088.6 (3 reviews)
82. Lamoreaux Landing 2010 "Unoaked" Chardonnay$1588.5 (4 reviews)
83. La Crema 2012 "Sonoma Coast" Chardonnay$2188.5 (2 reviews)
84. DiamAndes 2010 "de Uco" Chardonnay$2088.3 (3 reviews)
85. Vigilance 2011 "Red Hills" Chardonnay$2588.3 (3 reviews)
86. Hope Estate 2010 "Estate Grown" Chardonnay$1388 (3 reviews)
87. Sebastiani 2011 "Sonoma County" Chardonnay$1488 (3 reviews)
88. Cambria 2011 "Katherine's Vineyard" Chardonnay$1688 (1 review)
89. Hardys 2012 "William Hardy" Chardonnay$1788 (1 review)
90. Franciscan 2011 "Napa Valley" Chardonnay$1888 (1 review)
91. Novy 2011 "Russian River Valley" Chardonnay$1988 (3 reviews)
92. Georges Duboeuf 2011 "Pouilly Fuisse" Chardonnay$2088 (1 review)
93. Merryvale 2011 "Starmont" Chardonnay$2288 (1 review)
94. Jordan 2010 Chardonnay$2988 (1 review)
95. Jordan 2011 "Russian River Valley" Chardonnay$3088 (1 review)
96. Ferrari Carano 2011 "Tre Terre" Chardonnay$3288 (1 review)
97. Frank Family 2012 "Carneros" Chardonnay$3588 (2 reviews)
98. Franciscan 2011 "Cuvee Sauvage" Chardonnay$4088 (2 reviews)
99. Santa Barbara Winery 2011 Chardonnay$1687.7 (4 reviews)
100. Alexander Valley Vineyards 2012 "Estate" Chardonnay$1887.6 (3 reviews)
101. Handley Cellars 2010 "Estate Vineyard" Chardonnay$2287.6 (3 reviews)
102. Lafond Winery 2011 "SRH" Chardonnay$2387.6 (3 reviews)
103. Four Vines 2010 "Naked" Chardonnay$1287.5 (2 reviews)
104. Don and Sons 2010 "Sonoma Signature" Chardonnay$2087.5 (2 reviews)
105. Gloria Ferrer 2011 "Estate Carneros" Chardonnay$2587.5 (2 reviews)
106. Merriam Vineyards 2010 "Alexander Valley" Chardonnay$1887.3 (3 reviews)
107. Hardys 2012 "Nottage Hill" Chardonnay$1387 (1 review)
108. Aquinas 2011 "Unoaked" Chardonnay$1587 (1 review)
109. Navarro Vineyards 2010 "Mendocino" Chardonnay$1787 (1 review)
110. Rodney Strong 2011 "Sonoma County" Chardonnay$1787 (1 review)
111. Rivino 2012 "Estate" Chardonnay$2287 (2 reviews)
112. Girasole 2010 "Mendocino" Chardonnay$1386.3 (3 reviews)
113. Pepi 2011 "California" Chardonnay$1084.5 (2 reviews)

I saw her today at the reception. A glass of wine in her hand. I knew she was gonna meet her connection. At her feet was a footloose man. You can't always get what you want! But if you try sometimes well you just might find, you get what you need!

Source: Rolling Stones

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