Ken has been a guest on Connoisseurs Corner with Jordan Rich frequently over the years. This post covers some of the radio spots that played on WBZ this summer. The first segment was on Good Value Wines for this Summer. Then Ken covered the fast growing category of Dry Rose Winners. Listen to Dry Rose Winners Part 1  and Dry Rose Winners Part 2 to discover some real gems. If you are hooked and interested after listening, check out all the recommended Dry Roses on the KWG website. One of Jordan and Ken’s favorite segments is the “Try Something New” spots. They did three segments this summer. One on a couple of “New Whites” and two on new reds.  Check out Part 1 on “New Reds” and Part 2 on “New Reds” to discover something different.  Ken also did a special segment  on Perfect Wines For Grilled Foods to get everyone ready for barbecue season. The last category we will highlight in this post are the Sauvignon Blanc Winners. Like the Rose above, you can also check out all of the Sauvignon Blanc recommendations on the website.  Lastly, always stay in touch with all Ken’s radio spots on the special Radio Spot page on the website. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as Jordan and I had fun making them. Cheers! Ken

By Ken

Ken launched in November 2006.

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