With summer in full swing, I thought it would be a good time to provide a comprehensive list of recommended dry Rose. Dry Rose is one of, if not the fastest growing category in wine. Theresa is quickly starting to appreciate this category and she is becoming a big fan as well. Below is a list of our favorite Rose that we covered this spring and summer. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

We start the list off with our 91 pointers. The 2015 Navarro Rose from Mendocino for $18 is a terrific blend of 86% “Old Vine” Grenache and 14% Carignane. It is medium bodied, slightly acidic, round and mouthwatering. I loved its bright tangerine flavors with notes of mild minerality and strawberry. I also detected a hint of mango mixed in as well. It finishes dry and its tasty fruit flavors linger and last for quite some time. This Rose is easily quaffed on a hot summer day. I would serve it with Emeril’s pan roasted squab with a cherry balsamic sauce.

The other 91 pointer comes to us from Sancerre. The 2015 Le Roi des Pierres Rose is made from  100% Pinot Noir. It is a little pricey at $28, but it is very good and worth it. It opens with an attractive strawberry bouquet with a hint of red cherry. I found it to be medium bodied and very nicely balanced. There are no edges at all. Our mini-tasting group really liked its very tasty mild mineral infused strawberry flavors with notes of watermelon and hints of Maraschino cherry. It finishes dry and fades away nicely. This Rose is very food friendly and will be a crowd pleaser. I would pair it with shrimp cocktail.

Next up we have four 90 pointers that are worthy of your attention. We will start with a great value offering from the Finger Lakes. The Kelby James Russell 2015 “Dry Rose” is made from 100% Cabernet Franc. At $16 per bottle, it is a steal. This offering is medium bodied, slightly acidic, juicy and nicely coats your mouth. It displays mineral infused strawberry flavors with notes of peach and a hint of tangerine and ginger. This Rose is food friendly and will not last very long. Share with friends at a cookout along with some grilled weisswurst. It’s a wine club exclusive. So you could join or you could call the winery and beg for some.

Our next option is readily available and hails from Oregon. The 2015 Sokol Blosser “Rose of Pinot Noir” from Dundee Hills goes for about $22 per bottle. This “organic” coral colored wine opens with mild orange and strawberry like bouquet with hints of wet stone. It is medium to full bodied, creamy and smooth. Its flavor profile is a mineral infused mild strawberry with notes of tangerine and a hint of nectarine. This rich dry Rose like the others will pair nicely with food. I would serve it cool with a salmon burger.

The 2015 Castello di Amorosa “Gioia” Rose for $26 presents a different twist. It is made from 100% Sangiovese. As a result it is much darker than the other offerings. I described its colored as dark strawberry. It is medium bodied and nicely balanced, but at the same time fully coats you mouth. Its flavor profile is richer than most of the Rose in this report. Those flavors are a blend of Maraschino cherry and ripe red raspberry. I also picked up a touch of strawberry and gentle watermelon in the background. This is a perfect Rose for red drinkers looking for something a little lighter in the summer, but not too light.

Our last 90 pointer is the 2014 Wente “Small Lot” Pinot Noir Rose for $35. This wine is medium bodied, slightly acidic and very easy to enjoy. Its flavor profile is a mineral infused mild strawberry with notes of faint red raspberry. It finishes dry, clean and refreshing. This crowd pleasing Rose would be perfect with sharp cheese served slightly chilled by the pool on a hot summer day.

Our 89 point list is consists of nine very good offerings that are all worthy of your consideration. We will start with one of the best values in the whole list. The 2015 Anew Rose from the Columbia Valley in Washington State is a steal at $12. This wine is a blend of 63% Syrah, 24% Grenache and 13% Sangiovese. It is medium bodied, balanced and round in the mouth. Theresa and I really liked it mineral infused watermelon flavors with notes of strawberry and some hints of tangerine. It finishes dry and its flavors and refreshing acidity linger and last for a while. This Rose is a perfect choice for a summer picnic on a hot day. We would serve it grilled Thumann’s deli dogs.

Our next offering hails from South Africa. The 2015 DMZ Cabernet Rose for $12 is a real value. It is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. It it offers a lot more body and fruit than your typical Provencal Rose. Its bouquet leads you to believe it will pack a punch, and it does. On the palate, it is interesting with the blood oranges flavors alongside candied pink grapefruit and tart strawberries. This is a Rose that could be paired with seared red meats, especially wild game.

Another good values is the 2015 Chateau de Sours “La Fleur d’Amelie” Rose from Bordeaux. This wine only cost $15 per bottle. It is made from mostly Merlot with a little Cabernet Franc and a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon. I found this wine to be nicely balanced and very easy to enjoy. Its flavor profile is mild strawberry and with some gentle minerality and a touch of green apple. While not overly complex, this wine is refreshing and a pleasant summer quaffer. I would serve it at the beach with sharp cheese and crackers.

Another offering from France to consider is the 2015 Domaine de Nizas from Languedoc for $17. This wine is made from traditional Rhone grapes. (Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre) This wine is medium bodied, slightly acidic and mouthwatering with mineral infused blood orange flavors. We also detected with hints of strawberry and touch of ginger. This dry Rose is also perfect for summer. It is best served slightly chilled at the beach with fried clam strips.

Ghost Hill Cellars 2015 “Pinot Noir Rose” (Yamhill-Carlton, Oregon) $20 (89)
This Rose from Oregon was well received by all that tried it. It is balanced and approachable. It displays mild mineral infused strawberry flavors with notes of mild nectarine and a hint of tangerine. Try with shrimp scampi.

Sidebar 2015 Rose “Russian River Valley” (California) $21 (89)
This Syrah based Rose is slightly acidic and easy to drink. Its flavor profile is a mild mineral infused light clementine with hints of white pepper and strawberry. Serve slightly chilled with Kerrygold Dubliner cheese.

Chateau d’Esclans 2015 Rose “Whispering Angel” (Cotes de Provence, FR) $22 (89)
This popular Rose from Provence is balanced, easy going, and has no hard edges. I enjoyed its tasty mild tangerine and strawberry flavors with nicely integrated gentle minerality and a touch of lime. Its food friendly.

Lazy Creek Vineyards 2015 “Rose of Pinot Noir” (Anderson Valley, CA) $22 (89)
This Rose is made from 100% Pinot Noir. Its slightly acidic, gentle and a bit tingly. It displays mild mineral infused watermelon flavors with hints of white pepper, nectarine and strawberry. Serve with cold Gazpacho.

Tres Sabores 2014 Rose “Ingrid and Julia” (Napa Valley, CA) $25 (89)
This “organic” Rose is made mostly from Zin with a little Petite Sirah. It is slightly acidic and mouthwatering. It has a different flavor profile of mineral infused tangerine along with gentle apricot and a hint of lime. Try with pan fried sea bass.

Villa Wolf 2015 “Pinot Noir Rose” (Pfalz, Germany) $12 (88)
This great value from Germany is light bodied, slightly acidic, fresh and a touch effervescent. It displays flavors of mild mineral infused gentle tangerine with hints of red cherry and faint pink grapefruit. It is very refreshing.

Kanonkop 2015 “Kadette Pinotage Rose” (Stellenbosch, South Africa) $13 (88)
This good value Rose from South Africa is made with Pinotage. It is medium bodied, slightly acidic and juicy. It flavors are a tasty mild red cherry and faint strawberry with notes of mild minerality and a touch of watermelon, Slim Jim and vanilla cream towards the end. Try with a grilled mahi-mahi sandwich.

Mouton Cadet 2015 Rose “le Rose de Mouton Cadet” (Bordeaux, France) $15 (88)
This Rose from Mouton Cadet was friendly and pleasant. Karen and Stuart tasted strawberry and gooseberry flavors with nicely integrated minerality. They would pair it with shellfish, particularly oysters on the half shell.

Domaine Houchart 2015 Rose “Cotes de Provence” (France) $15 (88)
This classic Rhone grape blend from Cotes de Provence is a good value. It displays mineral infused strawberry flavors with a hint of peach. This is a very nice refreshing everyday Rose to have on a hot summer day.

Martin Ray 2015 “Rose of Pinot Noir” (Russian River Valley, CA) $20 (88)
This dark pink colored Rose Martin Ray is medium bodied and nicely balanced between its acidity and fruit. Its flavor profile is a gentle mineral and wild strawberry blend with hints of faint tangerine. It is a nice summer quaffer. I would enjoy it at the beach with some bacon cheddar cheese spread and stone wheat thins.

For a complete listing of all of our recommended Rose.  Check out our KWG Rose page.  We will also be adding new ones throughout the summer.  Be sure to comment on your favorites and we will post them to share with our readers.

Cheers – Ken

By Ken

Ken launched KensWineGuide.com in November 2006.

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