Champagne ToastAs we approach the New Year it is time to make your New Year’s Eve Champagne and Sparkling Wine purchases. This year we received another great group of options for you to choose from. In this post we will highlight some of our favorites bubble options!

I will break the post into three categories. White bubbles, Rose bubbles and Bargain bubbles.

White Bubbles

NV Henriot “Blanc de Blancs” (Champagne, France) $68
This was my favorite Champagne that we covered in our recent Big Blind Tasting. The collective Tasting Panel also enjoyed it a lot, as we awarded it with 92 points. It opens with a fragrant bread dough, light lemon and chamomile bouquet. We found it to be perfectly balanced and creamy. We all really liked the mouth feel. Its flavor profile was a very tasty mineral infused lime with notes of almond and lemon zest. This would be a perfect News Year’s Eve toasting wine. You can also serve this gem with bacon wrapped scallop appetizers.

NV Roederer Estate “Brut” (Anderson Valley, CA) $24
This good value sparkler wine with streaming tiny bubbles performed very well in front of the Tasting Panel. They awarded it 91 points. It opens with a very doughy bouquet with hints of bosc pear and baked apple. On the palate, we found it to be medium bodied, balanced and round with mineral infused bread toast flavors. We also picked up some notes of walnut and caramelized apples and a touch of honey. The finish is dry and shows nice length.

NV Schramsberg “Mirabelle Brut” (CA) $29
There is no better way to kick off your holiday party than with a toast to the family for another great year! I would suggest you consider this affordable 90 point sparkling wine from Schramsberg. This sparkler displays tiny streaming bubbles and opens with a green tea and lemon bouquet with hints of honey. The Panel really liked its toasted almond and green apple flavors with hints of candied lemon and earthy herbs. The finish is dry and refreshing. Try it with a fresh bruschetta appetizer!

Rose Bubbles

NV Henriot “Brut Rose” (Champagne, FR) $75
This pinkish dark coral colored Champagne opens with tons streaming bubbles. Its opens with an attractive Maraschino cherry and bread dough bouquet. On the palate, this wine is medium bodied, slightly acidic and has a nice presence. The flavor profile is a tasty mild mineral infused strawberry and red raspberry blend with a hint of lime. The finish is dry and its flavors linger and last for quite a while. This 93 point “Brut Rose” is very impressive and will be liked by all. Bring it out for a special occasion! Enjoy it with fresh sliced Norwegian salmon.

2015 Schramsberg  “Brut Rose” (North Coast, CA) $46
This 91 point coral colored Sparkling Wine from Schramsberg displays plenty of streaming bubbles. It opens with a fragrant doughy bouquet with a hint of red cherry. On the palate, this wine is medium bodied, balanced, gentle and elegant. The flavor profile is a mild mineral infused light red cherry with a hint of golden raisin. The finish is dry and refreshing. This Rose sparkler is food friendly and would pair well with mushroom risotto.

NV Roederer Estate “Brut Rose” (Anderson Valley, CA) $29
This light coral colored Sparkler was well received by our mini-tasting group. We gave it 90 points. It opens with streaming bubbles and a mild strawberry and bread dough bouquet. We found it to be medium bodied, slightly acidic and mouthwatering. It displays tasty mineral infused tangerine flavors with notes of strawberry and lime. I would suggest serving it as your opening wine with shrimp cocktail.

Bargain Bubbles

NV Gruet Winery “Brut Rose” (New Mexico) $17
Every once in a while, our Tasting Panel finds a diamond in the rough. This gem, is one of the best deals we have ever found in a Big Blind Tasting. We loved this surprise entry. It is a truly a steal at $17! It opens with an inviting red cherry bouquet with hints of raspberry and rose petals. We found it to be medium bodied, nicely balanced, elegant and smooth. It displays very tasty mild mineral flavors with notes of strawberry and tangerine and a hint of red raspberry. It closes with a dry and delicate finish that fades away nicely. The Panel thought this offering would be a huge crowd pleaser. We awarded it 93 points.

2016 Vino Dei Fratelli “Prosecco Extra Dry” (Veneto, Italy) $18
This last one was discovered by our chief Bubblehead Nicolay. He stated that as far as Proseccos go, this is exactly what most folks are looking for. Soft, inviting, with nice notes of wildflowers, ripe peaches, and hints of lychee. The wine has plenty of apple and apricot flavors that is lifted by the acidity and the smaller bubbles. This 89 point well-crafted Prosecco is well-crafted and would pair well with creamy pasta and oven roasted pork.

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We hope your New Year’s Eve is a wonderful one.  See you next year!

Cheers – Ken

By Ken

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